Our Call For Proposals is CLOSED!

That’s right, we are still asking THE question. WTF is Cloud Native?!

The good news is that you can help us answer that. SUBMIT your talk proposal today for a chance to join our cool hybrid conference on November 4th.

Because we strongly believe that a proper Cloud Native transformation cannot happen without the right strategies and cultural changes, we won’t be talking just about Kubernetes.
You can choose between three tracks: Technology, People and Processes.

Still not sure what we’d like to hear from you?

Here’s some topic examples:

Why do companies understand Kubernetes but get no value from Cloud Native?
Why is psychological safety important to complete a successful Cloud Native Transformation?
What's changing in Agile and how does this affect the Cloud Ecosystem?
Why is GitOps important now but wasn't as important before?
How do diverse teams help you become Cloud Native?
Why is Scrum bad for a Cloud Native Team? Or is it?
What is the new Cloud Native technical debt we need to look out for?
How can we decrease cognitive load across Cloud Native teams?
How can we use Conway's Law to restructure our processes?
Is Serverless the new Cloud Native?
Is the 2 pizza team still valid?
How do we create domain boundaries across an organisation?
How does security need to adapt to become Cloud Native?
Help! Everyone's leaving. How do we retain our people?
Why do our processes need to be automated?
How to setup CI/CD that will scale as your Cloud Native architecture grows
Is Cloud Native taking our jobs?
How do we ensure our processes are unbiased?
Can a lift-and-shift be Cloud Native, or are microservices the only way?
How do we nurture autonomous teams?
"Success doesn't happen overnight", and neither does a Cloud Native transformation. So how do we prioritize and prepare for the shift?

DEADLINE: Sunday 22 August 11:59 PM BST